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About Chef Alex

A Bit About My Background

The places, food, and mentors that have inspired me


Born into the rich Southern food culture of Memphis, Tennessee, Alex spent his childhood around a boisterous table, learning simple but nourishing lessons in hospitality from his mother and grandparents. At the age of twelve, he found his first job cooking at a country club before apprenticing under Chef Richard Farmer during high school . After graduation, Alex attended the renowned New England Culinary Institute in Vermont which propelled him into a world abundant with valuable food and wine experience.

Alex continued his education by seeking out authentic cooking experiences, travelling across the globe and cutting his teeth in restaurants like Martin Berasategui in the Basque Country, Manresa in California, and Rosso de Sera in Italy. He honed his skills in baking and desserts as the pastry chef of both Sweet Basil and Splendido in the mountains of Colorado.

 After several years working in fine dining, Alex joined Mark Firth and the team at Prairie Whale in Massachusetts where their locavore attitude, farm-to-table dining concepts and whole animal butchery re-ignited his love for cooking. Alex moved to Oregon in 2015 and joined the Soter Vineyards team as Head Chef in 2016. Soter’s culinary program flourished under Alex’s leadership. His thoughtful food preparations highlighted the abundance of the farm at Soter Vineyards and his style of cooking paid homage to each ingredient and its origins.

          In 2019, Alex returned to Colorado to start a family and is making his mark on the local food scene with Goodloe Provisions.